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Photography shows us the world and invites us to see. A good photograph demands attention – it takes us to places we have never been, it makes personal that which would otherwise have remained out of sight. For the past century, photography has played a key role in recording the world, informing the public, and shaping society. The dedicated, time-intensive work of documentary photography has proven itself one of the most effective means of communicating pressing issues to a wide audience – it reveals hidden worlds, gives faces to those caught up in turmoil or change, and has the power to engender both empathy and understanding.

On The Ground is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to helping documentary photography and film educate the public about social, cultural and environmental issues. On The Ground furthers the work of documentary photographers and filmmakers by supporting socially relevant projects that helps educate the public about important issues through exhibitions, presentations and seminars.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” – Dorothea Lange

“Photography can light up darkness and expose ignorance.” -Lewis Hine

On The Ground projects are supported by contributions from foundations, individuals and society members. As a Canadian tax-exempt charity, donations are fully tax-deductible and donors receive an official receipt.

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